Top Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

November 07, 2017

Top Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Winter is on the horizon, which means that cold mornings and bad weather are on their way. Even the best cars can struggle in these conditions, and figures show that break down callouts almost double during the winter months.

But there are some steps you can take to try and avoid a breakdown in the first place! By giving your car some extra TLC before winter, you can help to prevent any car failures and make sure you are super safe on the road.

Get a service – even if your car isn’t due one, book an appointment to have it serviced and properly maintained. This should help to prevent any easily avoidable issues as it gets colder. Make sure to have the battery checked as they can take quite a beating in the colder months.

Check your tyres –depending on where you live, it might be worth getting winter tyres put onto your vehicle. Winter tyres have a higher silica content which stops them from hardening in the cold and provides better grip in slippery conditions. Check pressures and tread at least once a week as they can both affect the stability of the vehicle.

Clean windshield and wipers – visibility is always low in the winter, so keep your windscreen clean and clear at all times. Avoid using boiling water on frozen windshields as this can crack the glass, while scrapers leave scratches which reduce visibility. Instead, invest in a good windshield cover to prevent ice forming on the glass, this will save you time and keep your windshield clean and clear.  

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