TOP-10 earphones for every sports fan! Boost your training with them!

October 11, 2017

TOP-10 earphones for every sports fan! Boost your training with them!

In the modern world, music has become an integral part of our daily lives. People listen to it everywhere and constantly: at home, in public transport, at work.

Many people who are engaged in sports, and in particular running and morning jogging, like to do it while listening to their favorite songs. Naturally, for such training sessions, it is necessary to choose comfortable and high-quality earphones that will not interfere with your jogging and physical exercises. In this roundup, we have listed top 10 great earphones for running.

Philips SHQ1300

The first in our rating are earphones from the world famous Philips brand. This model has a very modest price ($39.89), but its price/performance ratio will certainly please those who choose SHQ1300. The earphones are light, well-held in the ear thanks to the C-lock and guarantee a comfortable listening to music during long sports.

Philips SHQ1300 are also great for exercises with high loads, as they are covered with a base that does not let go of sweat and moisture. Thanks to all of the above, this model is perfect for people who are engaged in sports, but are not ready to pay a lot of money for earphones or if you do not listen to music often when running.

Promate Match

Next on our list is the wireless Bluetooth headset Promate Match. The headset costs $77.99, which is much more than many other models, but the Promate Match also has more functionality than the previous model. First, this model is wireless, which is in itself a significant advantage. Secondly, it is a Bluetooth-headset, working at a 10-meter distance from the connected device.

Thanks to this, if you are engaged on a treadmill, you can leave your smartphone in a sweatshirt, jacket, or jeans and exercise without worrying about the distance from your smartphone or media player. Moreover, the charge is enough for 5 hours of listening to music, which is enough for both beginners and professional experienced runners.

Sennheiser MX 686G

Sennheiser has long ago established itself in the headphones and headset segment as a company that produces exceptionally high-quality products. No exception is the MX 686G, which represents a special line of sports earphones. Made specifically for sports, this model includes some features not inherent in many other earphones. For example, the cable is made in an elliptical shape, so it will not get tangled.

The earphones themselves include the antibacterial additive SteriTouch, which preserves the hygienic qualities of the ear cups. The only drawback is the lack of support for Apple devices. So if you are a lucky owner of an iPhone or iPod, then this model is not the most suitable one. The price is $ 69.95

Polk Audio UltraFit 500

Polk Audio, known for its car acoustics, also did not stand aside this market and released its product. UltraFit 500 absolutely attracts those people who follow the style and fashion and want to somehow stand out among others.

In addition to high-quality sound and no less worthy materials from which these earphones are made, they have a non-standard, but at the same time convenient form. The disadvantage can be called, that this headset is not wireless, but uses the old technologies of wired connection to a smartphone or audio player. The price for the UltraFit 500 is $17.99.

JBL Synchros Reflect BT

Competition is the engine of progress. As you can see from the rating, a whole galaxy of manufacturers is working to create the best wireless Bluetooth headset in this price segment. The company JBL, known for its products all over the world, did not stand aside either.

Synchros Reflect BT boasts proprietary sound from JBL, support for Bluetooth 3.0 and charging, capable of withstanding 5 hours of continuous operation. The headset works at a distance of up to 40 meters from the device, which is quite impressive, but it's unlikely that an ordinary user will encounter such situations. The company also took care of the user's safety at night by equipping the cable with a reflective coating that would help car drivers notice a cyclist or runner at night. The price for this headset is $58.99.

Denon AH-W150

Denon is not very known among avid music lovers, but still did not fail with its AH-W150 earphones. 7 hours of trouble-free operation, extremely fast synchronization with the player or smartphone, Bluetooth 3.0 - all at a fairly democratic price of about $ 50.

What will please consumers are the four-color versions of the earphones and the same number of sets of earrings with an antibacterial coating in the kit, so now it's not terrible if you lose a pair or two of the ear cups. On the case, there are several convex command keys, which will greatly simplify the management of the headset.

Sony Walkman NW-WS413

So we got to our rating to the model from Sony. Earphones from this brand immediately stand out at their price. However, their high cost is quite justified by the quality sound, build quality and degree of protection - the NW-WS413 will be the best choice for swimmers. The main advantage of this model is the presence of a built-in player, with a capacity of 4 GB, which is more than enough for jogging and training.

By connecting two devices in one, Sony took a step forward in listening to music. Moreover, these earphones are protected so well, that they can withstand 30 minutes under water and 12 hours in normal mode. Summing up, the headset fully justifies its price, as for $99.99 you immediately buy both a player and headphones.

JBL Reflect Mini BT

Earlier in the rating, we already presented wireless headphones from JBL. Moreover, they are basically identical in price, but still, the Reflect Mini BT are worthy of a separate mention in our article. This model was recognized as the best sports headset of 2016 and did not become any worse in 2017.

The design of the in-channel earphones provides reliable fixation, and 5.8 mm speakers perfectly manage their task. 8 hours of lessons with a musical accompaniment are guaranteed due to a capacious battery, and the sound quality here is also very high.

LG HBS-500

Another wireless model from the eminent company LG, featuring its convenience in use. Firstly, they are full-fledged vacuum earphones, which will ensure proper sound insulation and reduce external noise during outdoor activities. Secondly, this model is equipped with a microphone, so that in the case of an incoming call it will be possible to respond with a convenient response, without detaching yourself from your occupation.

What's remarkable, is the very fast charging of the HBS-500, so you do not have to worry that there won’t be enough time for the earphones to charge before training, leaving you without your favorite music. The price of the LG HBS-500 is β€Ž$75.80.

Philips SHS4700

Our earphones list started with Philips, and it will finish with Phillips too. It should be noted immediately that these are not standard wired or large headphones, but something in between. They cannot be considered a category, but the most accurate description is the word "clips". This guarantees protection from falling out, and if something happens, it is extremely easy to notice.

For such a modest price at $22.90 it would be foolish to count on the sound of the more expensive options from Sony or Sennheiser, but they will perfectly suit an unpretentious listener. This is one of the few options suitable for people who do not wear wired earphones for one reason or another.