Rules for Throwing the Ultimate House Party

March 06, 2018

Rules for Throwing the Ultimate House Party

Be the Talk of the Town with The Best Bash Ever!

House parties are the ultimate social gathering, perfect for filling the gap between big holidays and great for letting your hair down while in the comfort of your own home.

But despite best intentions, some house parties can be very hit or miss.

Here are some essential rules to follow to ensure that yours is one worth remembering!


  1. Choose your playlist wisely

Music is super important when it comes to setting the vibe of your party.

Think about who you’ve invited and what kind of tunes might get them on the dance floor and make sure you listen to any mixes before you play them so that you don’t end up having to stop the music to find something else if it’s not suitable. 


  1. Provide some snacks

Snacks are the best way to avoid people getting too drunk, so lay on plenty of chips, dips, and finger foods to keep your guests on the safe side!


  1. Invite the neighbors

Nothing is going to kill a party like an angry neighbor or two, so avoid the complaints and invite them. T

his advance warning also gives them notice about what’s going to happen, so they have the chance to make plans to go out for the evening if they don’t fancy joining you.


  1. Set up a bar area

Having a dedicated area for making drinks is a great way to avoid spills while keeping everything organized.

Have some soft drink dispensers available so that your guests can easily pour themselves a top up when they need to. 







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