How to Use Lighting to Create Atmosphere in Your Home

March 01, 2018

How to Use Lighting to Create Atmosphere in Your Home

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We all love nothing more than getting home and kicking back after a long day at work.

But, what if you could make your space even more appealing than it already is?

Lighting is a fundamental element of creating the right mood in your home, used in the right way it can help you to feel energized, relaxed, or even romantic.

So, pay attention to your light bulbs and use these tips to create atmosphere in your home.



A uniform approach is not what you want when it comes to lighting. Layer your lighting so that you have options when it comes to using them.

Use floor lamps, uplighters, pendants, and table lights so that you can adjust them according to your mood.



Know the wattage of your bulbs so that you can adjust your lighting accordingly.

Bright white bulbs with a high wattage will give a cold, clean light that would work well in kitchens, whereas lower wattage bulbs with a yellow tinge work better in cosier spaces such as living rooms.



Use feature lighting, such as spotlights, fairy lights or clusters of rose bottle lamps to add magic and romance when you need it.

The soft glow from these lights will help you feel relaxed and peaceful.


Happy lighting!


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