DreamWave Explorer and Elemental: Outdoor Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music anywhere you go

September 29, 2017

DreamWave Explorer and Elemental: Outdoor Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music anywhere you go

The market of portable speakers has so many different models that even an experienced audiophile is unlikely to be able to name just a couple of dozen brands. In order not to get lost in this assortment, manufacturers began to choose a certain niche and produce speakers with a narrow focus. Among them is the young U.S. brand DreamWave.

Compared to other manufacturers, this is certainly a young player - the brand is only seven years old, but during this time the company already managed to settle in a certain direction - extreme. Their devices do not look like the competitors at all, while they are intended mainly for fans of outdoor activities, hikes, dangerous summer-resort gatherings etc. DreamWave does not hide the fact that they originally developed their own speakers for use in extreme conditions – during bike riding through the mountains or climbing several thousand feet above sea level.

It should be noted immediately that in the pursuit of its niche, the manufacturer did not forget about the sound characteristics. Therefore, it releases its devices not just for extremals and travelers, but for those who are in essence, true music lovers. Hence the presence of high-end speakers. In general, let's take a closer look at two of their speakers.

DreamWave Explorer

Very quickly, DreamWave Explorer will become your faithful companion during bike rides. The Explorer weighs 1.4 pounds, while the 6000mAh battery delivers 15 watts of power and autonomy for up to 20 hours. You can use the speaker to charge other gadgets via a USB port, and the presence of Bluetooth allows not only to minimize the number of cables, but also to use the speaker with your Bluetooth headphones.

In addition to the speaker, the package includes a bicycle handlebar mount, micro-USB cable for charging and a 3.5 mm cable, if you suddenly want to enjoy a "wired" sound.

When you pick up this the speaker for the first time, it would seem that you can easily use it as a tool - its aggressive appearance hardly leaves anyone indifferent. For maximum coverage, the speaker grilles are located at the front and rear, at the bottom are mounting holes, and the control buttons are always in front of your eyes.

Since the Explorer is not afraid of moisture and dust in accordance with the IPX5 standard, its buttons are protected by a rubber coating, as well as three ports: USB, micro USB and 3.5 mm audio input, which are hidden by a special plug. In general, the design of the speaker is so unusual that it takes some time to get used to it.

The mount reliably holds the speaker on the bicycle handlebar; even if you ride through obstacles, it does not fall and, most importantly, does not shake.

The sound of the speaker is also at a high level. There is one peculiarity - if you do not move, the sound turns out to be slightly muffled, but in motion, it opens completely - so the speaker fully justifies its purpose. Therefore, when the weather permits, take your bicycle, DreamWave Explorer or recover for a walk in the forest accompanied by your favorite music.

DreamWave Elemental

DreamWave Elemental, on the other hand, is much larger in size - this is the golden mean of the whole brand. The speaker is protected from moisture and dust by the high standard IPX5 and would be your ideal companion on a picnic or trekking in the most extreme conditions.

This speaker, perhaps, looks even more aggressive, largely because of its size. The Elemental weighs 7.3 pounds, but it is not so felt in your hand, since on the top there is a metal handle for carrying. A plastic frame with metal elements makes this speaker not only stylish, but also protected from various mechanical influences, including in nature.

The speaker produces 30 watts of power, and you'll notice it, since the speaker grille is located both in front and behind. On the sides, there are buttons for volume control, Bluetooth, on/off, as well as a power connector, line input and USB port for charging other devices. All ports are hidden by a rubber lining so that neither dust nor moisture can penetrate them.

A built-in 12,000mAh battery is enough for 7 hours of maximum loud sound. Do not try to do this trick at home - even in the office, not all of your colleagues could withstand the depth of the bass and the volume of this speaker. Elemental can be called the king of any party because you do not expect such a sound from this speaker.

But the most important advantage of this device is a powerful LED flashlight (110 lumens) located between the control buttons. It is visible almost at 400 meters distance and is able to give a light SOS signal. In addition, you can use the flashlight to guide other members of your party.

There are speakers that evoke delight at first hearing, and DreamWave Elemental is one of those. It produces an incredibly deep bass and a rich sound so that you can play tracks of absolutely any genre. And its spectacular appearance is unlikely to make you pass by. In addition, impressions at times exceed expectations of its value.